Floating Orange

Searching for the zest peel by peel.

October 27, 2014


So i was sitting in a cafe on a beautiful Autumn afternoon, Autumn this is my second Autumn since moving here. I had taken a walk around the mouth of Prenzlauerberg which is filled with laughing children and youthful parents, who look 20 and dress it. These children are all wearing colorful t-shirts with prints, and are all speaking in such a creative way, climbing trees and their parents are helping them climb these trees in the park and at the same time are asking the kids ' hey why don't we all go wall climbing tomorrow?' and the kids all roar with more excitement.
so anyway i am in this cafe were they serve zucchini noodles ( zoodles) and probiotic muesli and fresh cold pressed juices. i feel like this is exactly my kinda joint. i overhear a conversation.

woman: ' so what has your diet been like, i mean seriously you don't cook at all you are fully Raw'

Man:( doesn't really look lean or fit or i don't know glow, he looks actually pretty normal) ' Yeah i am i have never been someone who is not disciplined i mean i don't even miss bread, its like i don't need it and i don't mind eating the same things over and over again.' 

Woman:(gushes) Wow! that is so amazing, so do you like this place its super cool isn't it i mean all organic and vegan, not that i am a vegan or would ever consider it, that's too extreme.

Man: hmm yes no i am not i mean i am currently doing this because i ate ice cream every single day in summer.

Both laugh.

Man: so what is a normal breakfast for you?

Woman: (makes that thinking sound) i usually make myself a porridge in the oven top it with some *stopped listening for a while*

Man: wow you experiment that's really creative i wouldn't have the time to do all that.

Woman: (laughs) yeah  but after an hour i need some bread and some spread i just cant resist it.

Plug in my earphones.

In Mombasa i never thought about becoming a Vegetarian or a Vegan, i mean i ate what i grew up with. My best friend is a Vegetarian but that was due to religious reasons.
I can openly say that i have always had a weird relationship with food. I googled early on, on what healthy breakfast options are and made my oatmeal with water and loved the taste as it reminded me of milk rice( a german dessert) and tried to stay away from anything processed and avoided Junk food and only ate it when i had a sleepover with my friends, and always felt awful afterwards mainly because i thought of all that sugar killing everything inside me.
In Berlin i was at first in utter awe at all the choices of food, and it was all so tasty and it all looked so good. I never knew about calorie counting until i arrived here. I always said ah its just a slice of bread, ah its such a tiny self baked cookie' my first few months in Berlin were horrible food wise i was always bloated and my stomach made the loudest of sounds, even in lectures my stomach would hold its own Orchestra. It was embarrassing!
Then i met my chewy( my boyfriend) he taught me that there is a difference that Bio means organic and organic means that less pesticides are used, i did further research and found out that regional produce is better for the Environment. I started to cook again and experimented with all kinds of Vegetables we are both students and organic meat is quiet expensive. Then eventually i made the switch and became a Vegetarian who is on most days Vegan too its been 6 Months now.
Yet i know that i have only come to think like this because i am in Berlin, but i also think that that is not the only reason i mean food and my nutrition has always been something that was vital in my life. In the student home i live in there are so many students from all over the world and they are not asking themselves the question what diet is better for me, they are not vegetarians they don't buy organic so it cant just be my move here that influenced this train of thought. I guess i was always curious and when i moved here i got even more informed because it is more discussed here. All i know is that i want to be happy and to be happy i have to be happy in all aspects of my life and what makes a life function and grow, nutrition of course. 
i know you may think that i am superficial and there is such prejudice about people that eat organic or are living Vegan or whatever I mean i hide my organic groceries because people do judge real fast but they are the same people frying up some organic Tofu.... :/ 
Most students even tell me no way would i spend 30 minutes in the kitchen to cook i would rather eat a kebab for 5 euros and be done with it, i mean aint Nobody got time for that. Yet these are the same people that always try to figure what wacky creation i am creating next. others just purely hate and i do not know why. I mean if they are unhappy then why not cook too or eat vegetables too instead of say mean spiteful things. I don't Judge anyone on their diet as long as they feel good i am just doing what i think is right for me and what makes me happy and what is working for me. So people stop the hate also there is no such thing like being a better Vegan or vegetarian than someone else.
So please just be happy doing what you do and look at how you feel, if you feel good than do it if not then don't but don't not do something because you want to prove a point or be trendy or whatever. Do it for You, because you matter to you and what you nourish yourself with matters to your cells and everything that makes you, you. 

1/4 small teacup of Oats fine rolled
1 small teacup water

1 banana
handful berries
goji berries
anything you like really.

Put on your stove if in a rush to the highest heat and place the oats and the water stir wait 3 minutes it should become sticky and hot :) if its too sticky add some water.
Its all done already put your toppings i love to eat this in fall with a cut up banana, some raisins, dash of cinnamon and some crushed flax seed or chia seeds i sprinkle some coconut shreds on top and its Done. mmmmmmmmmhh.

Mein Haferflocken Brei

1/4 kleine Tee Tasse Haferflocken ( feinblatt)
1 kleine Tee Tasse Wasser

1 banane
Goji Beeren

tuh ein Topf auf den Herd, und tuh die  Haferflocken mit dem Wasser rein. Vermische es und schalte den Herd an auf die höchste Hitze wenn es schnell sein muss. Steh daneben. es dauert ca 3 minuten  du musst schauen wie dick du dein Brei magst falls die Konsistenz zu dick ist tuh mehr wasser rein. Nimm denn Topf vom herd und mach deine Toppings rauf ich liebe es im Herbst mit einer Banane, ein paar rosinen, ein kleinen teelöffel Linesamen oder Chia samen und ein wenig kokos raspeln rauf gestreuselt und natürlich Zimt.