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December 3, 2014

Vegan Macaroni with 'caramalised' Porcini onion sauce and cashew cheese

So this is possibly one of the tastiest pasta bowls that i have eaten or made its so creamy and delicious that it oh my its just good.  I love me some Pasta i mean before i became more conscious about what i ate i always loved pasta but i never had that wow effect in real long it was always either too watery or too i dunno.
But have you ever craved something just to eat it and still not feel fulfilled instead you feel disappointed. That is what my relationship with pasta has been like that sometimes i just want a good ol bowl of Pasta but it just doesn't turn out the way i imagined. But that is all over now  i am so glad i have this recipe i would like to Share it with all of you i hope it gives as much happiness as it brought me :D

Macaroni (Please read the Packaging make sure its Egg free if you are Vegan)
4 Porcini or Champignons ( if in Berlin get the local produce )
1 Onion
3 tiny drops of Avocado oil (take a kitchen cloth and spread across pan)
1 tsp of Brown sugar
1 cup of hot vegetable broth
1 1/2 Cup soaked cashews ( 8 hours or Overnight)
1/2 tsp Nutritional yeast (add more if you prefer)
1/2 tsp Garlic powder
Pepper( depends on how much you prefer)
Paprika Powder
Coriander( Cilantro) Chopped up as much as you prefer

1 VERY hungry person
 2 not so hungry people
 depends on how much pasta you make if making for many make more Porcini

1. Cook pasta according to packaging.

2. While the water for the pasta is cooking or while the pasta is cooking, drain the cashew nuts and wash a bit with clean water. Place in a measuring jar and add garlic powder and half of the vegetable broth and the nutritional yeast, pepper and Paprika. Blend all these things with a hand held blender or in a blender till smooth. Set aside.

3.Place a pan on the stove on medium high heat add avocado and saute onions, when they are transparenty add mushrooms don't let the onions burn if they don't get translucent because of the lack of oil just heat them and add mushrooms, keep stirring ( please use a wooden spoon when stirring not a metallic one this is for all the students that don't know this you will ruin your pans and its just not good) add in the sugar(optional) and cook for 1 minute add remaining vegetable broth and switch heat off. Let simmer for 2 minutes.

4. Mix pasta with  1 tablespoon to 1 and half tablespoon(for one person) with the Cashew mix and the mushroom onion sauce mix all together, sprinkle the coriander on top, EAT and FEEL good :D

---store remaining Cashew Cheese and Eat with other dishes because you can :D

*Tip: can also be eaten Cold tastes Amazing too the next as a salad for Lunch in Uni or at work or in school or wherever :D