Floating Orange

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November 10, 2014


On the creases of the concrete are scattered in millions cigarette ends, so many habits are lying here on the streets. So many habits that are ruling peoples lives and affecting them too in various ways, some habits are mild and let you still function semi and other habits are literally your life those habits are seen at the Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin where finding a dirty needle is not something shocking, instead if there were no needles there that would be shocking.
This brings me to think about bad habits that are ruling my life, i don't smoke cigarettes neither do i do drugs but there certain habits that i could really do without, actually a huge number of habits that i just want to kick out of my life. Yet I find it hard to kick these habits, i cant deal with failure and i truly suck at being positive sometimes i live for buuut what if... and i don't study efficiently at all, i am the queen of procrastinating and take ages at getting simple things done especially when i have no time to waste or am running late such as getting dressed etc etc, i always plan so much and hardly do any of the things that i planned to do ( this is the worst of them all).
But i am going to do something about it i mean i really want to take care of these habits now so that i can focus on bigger things and these habits are hindering me from arriving at the place that i wish to be at. So i will write down all my habits that i want to get rid of and truly analyse what could be triggering them because every habit is triggered by something. i shall do this for one week lets see what i learn. Are there habits that you have wanted to kick? I think that if one reflects on their actions and reactions then there is a lot to be learnt because you know yourself best. Become analytic with yourself ask yourself why did i do that don't be afraid to be your own therapist, i mean the power that is you is much much more powerful than you may think. So many a time people run to different sources to seek answers which is not a bad thing but sometimes that's exactly a habit that is hindering you, maybe you keep on running and running from source to source and they can inspire you to practice certain things but if you find yourself a couple weeks later in a rut again maybe then its time to just turn to yourself and ask yourself what is really wrong? or why aren't you getting it right, what are you doing wrong? why are you doing it wrongly? does it really make you happy this thing that you are trying so hard to teach yourself?
It is hard to analyse oneself because for me personally i have so many voices in my head i mean there is the motivator, the dreamer, the demotivator but what helps me is meditating and switching off all these voices to one single voice that is me i don't know if i am explaining this right but just focus real hard on what you want to find out about yourself and slowly it will come together, document what you find out and start working from that point on.

Have a great Week. :)